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Knitty Critters Toby Triceratops Kit

Knitty Critters Toby Triceratops Kit

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Knitty Critter Triceratops crochet kit. TOBY is always in demand.

You see he is the Dentist and as triceratops have up to 800 teeth, they need to be kept in check. The teeth wear down quickly from the scissor motion used to cut coarse woody leafy plants and chew them roughly before swallowing. When a tooth becomes old and worn down it just falls out and gets automatically replaced.

This Knitty Critter Crochet Kit is designed by Mandy Cameron and includes all the materials you require to crochet an adorable Triceratops like Toby and he makes the perfect gift or home décor item! Suitable for beginners, he's a must!

Within this kit are easy to follow instructions, set out row by row in UK terminology and also includes certified high quality stuffing for a super soft, cuddly finish - don't let him over eat the stuffing though!
Washing guidelines:

Wipe surface clean with a damp cloth or hand wash.

If you machine wash use a delicate cycle and you will have to re-plump the stuffing when dry.

Do not bleach. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

    150 g x Blanket Brights Go Go Green
    150g of Blanket Brights School Bus Yellow with 4m Black lengths of yarn
    1 x 8mm & 5mm Crochet hook
    200 g x Stuffing