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Egyptian Black Cat 3D Paper Model Animal

Egyptian Black Cat 3D Paper Model Animal

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Product Details
Model name: Egyptian cat god geometric origami 3D paper model
Finished size: Approx 40cm
Paper quality description: 200g paper, 250g reflective paper
Production difficulty: medium

Production techniques: pay attention to paste the same number together, pay attention to folding according to the instruction manual, you can draw a line with a hard object before folding, it is easier to fold, each part is done separately, and finally it is more convenient to glue the different pieces together.

Note: There are no scissors and glue in the list. Scissors can be used with household scissors or small blades. Don't scratch them. Be careful. Adhesive logistics problems can not be transported

How to do it?
Usually use scissors or a knife to cut the paper model from the paper, then fold and shape the paper, and then stick together

Does the finished film need to be colored?
The paper of the paper model already has color and details, so no coloring is needed, and changes can be made on the edges to make it more natural

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