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Bear with Leaves DIY - Crystal Rhinestone Art Kit

Bear with Leaves DIY - Crystal Rhinestone Art Kit

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The perfect decoration for your living room or bedroom!


Color: As shown
Material: Rhinestone + Canvas
Canvas size: Approx.30 x 30cm
Frame: No
Diamond type: 5D Diamond Painting (Part Drill)

Please note that frame is not included - and item will need to be laid flat before use due to postage.


A. Open the parcel and take out all diamonds.
B. Adhere a little glue to the top of the pen.
C. Find the corresponded diamonds using check-list embroidered on the side of canvas.
D. Lift diamonds with drill pen.
E. Put diamonds onto correct place marked on canvas.
F. Press the finished part,make sure it is strongly attached.
G. Roll up the finished painting and face out the front.
H. After finishing,you can use suitable frame to frame and hang on the wall.

Please take care around small children due to the small pieces and can be a choking hazard. 3+ years .